Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tattered Floral Challenge

My contribution to the Tim Holtz Tattered Floral Challenge.  The flower is made using the Tattered Floral Die Cut from the Tim Holtz collection.  For the materials I used felt and used dryer sheets.  I used distressed stain on the dryer sheets first then dried them.   Once completely dry, I stacked about 8 sheets together and ran them through the die cut machine.  I took the individual flowers and added more stain on the tips for some contrast.   I also added distress stain to the felt flowers along the edges.  I then stacked them together.  To fasten them in place, I inserted an ugly brad that I didn't like because I was going to cover it up with the center piece and bead.

The center piece consists of 2 of the second smallest flower on the die, cut out of a very thick piece of  foil or thin piece of flexible aluminum.  I'm not exactly sure what the material is because I've had this hanging around forever and decided to use it.  Next I embossed the 2 flower pieces with the Tim Holtz music sheet pattern.  Then I used Adirondak Alcohol Inks Latte, and Caramel over the whole piece.  I did the edges with Ginger.  Next, I took both flowers and made the slit between the petals a little bit deeper toward the center of the flower.  I then bent and rolled the petals back and cupped the center on one flower.  On the other flower I took the 6 petals and slit them in half, rounding out the corners, to create 12 petals.  I bent and rolled those also, tucking and overlapping every other petal and cupping the center.  Next I tucked the 12 petal flower into the 6 petal and glued them both to the center of the flower.  I added a mirror type ball bead to the center.

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